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      Hey all.

      Been using ws2k8 for a while, but mostly as a hobby/testing platform.
      I work in the dungeon for a small business I helped set up and admin a pair of 4 unit racks [8 rigs] running ws2k3.
      I have some networking and server admin background, but nothing really to brag about.

      With my experience so far using ws2k8 at home I am seriously considering moving to ws2k8 at work if we can manage to get some of the kinks worked out. I tried it before and found some of our software just doesn’t work properly or is broken altogether.

      I have since tried it on my home network and found it to be working quite well since my last investigation. Things just work now, sometimes better, than they did on ws2k3, with some updates and tweaks. At home at least.

      Looking forward to seeing some of those pesky features turned on for this OS. 😉

      Would really like to move away from ws2k3 at work after my experience with ws2k8 here at home.

      Funny thing is that I was investigating the state of gaming on this OS when I found this community. 😀

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        hey, nice introduction!

        It’s very useful to practice using Windows Server 2008 at home and apply the knowledge in a production environment at work. 🙂

        See you around! 😉


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