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      And I’m a win2008workstation-a-holic.

      Absolutely love this site. Great site Arris. You should be very proud. Glad I could be apart of this.

      Little info about me:

      Associate of Applied Science in Computer Networking at ITT Technical Institute in Maumee, Ohio, United States.

      I am currently a freelance computer consultant. The economy right now in the U.S is still tough, flipping between crappy jobs and no work, have to make ends meet. My passion is building/configuring computers, specifically servers. I’m an avid fan of Server 2008. I think it is the cornerstone that has expanded the Windows Server platform in a better direction than its predecessors. Server 2008 was the first Server OS to join kernels with its Desktop counterpart making this workstation process much simpler. It also is the first server OS to feature “server core” which drastically reduces memory footprint and system overhead while limiting the point of attack on a particular system. The first Windows Server operating system to offer native image-based backup support. The first Windows Server operating system to be offered up at an affordable price (Windows Server 2008 Foundation). Also the introduction of Server 2008 to subscribers of Microsoft’s Dreamspark program really made 2008 a marketable have-to-try-it-out product. I view Server 2008 as the stepping stone for all of these future Server platforms.

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        Hey win2008workstation-a-holic! 😉

        Nice introduction! I’m glad you like the forum, learn new things and also help other members (including me) a lot with your knowledge. I hope you ‘ll find a job soon that matches your passion and so will get a steady income.:)

        See you around! :geek:


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