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      Hello, Came across this site yesterday after a link was published in a book ‘Microsoft SharePoint 2010 – Building Solutions for SharePoint 2010’ by Sahil Malik.

      Straight away I trashed my new Laptop runing Windows 7 to install Server 2008R2. In no time at all I had it up and running. Then I added the Hyper-V role and it all when down hill them.

      After reinstalling a couple more times for testing got Hyper-V working fine and worked out that it was the Nvida Driver for NVS 3100 which killed it. Both the driver and hyper-v services dont like worknig together.

      So I’m left to working out do I want a laptop with hyper-v withoou the graphics. Or I server workstation with the grahics but without hyper-v?

      I will have a look on your forum to see if I can find some help.

      PS. When I had server 2008R2 it installed on my new HP Elitebook 8440 with its i7 and 8G of memory. It look good and performed well… Unto i set up hyper-v that was.


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        Hello Leigh,

        Welcome at the forums! 🙂 If you search the forum you will find many topics about Hyper-V in combination with (graphics) system performance.

        As far as I followed these topics, the following two workarounds are possible:

        Anyway, see you around!


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