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      Hi all!

      I followed the link on viewtopic.php?f=3&t=218, however, it only works for capturing DV.
      I use a Sony HDV camcorder and upon launch of the capture wizard (which works fine for DV) I get an error saying “The application can not start because a component required for high definition video cameras is missing”.

      Can anyone help me through this? I have a Vista ultimate on which HDV capture worked fine…


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        Maybe it is possible to find out which component is missing by using Sysinternals Process Monitor?

        After starting Process Monitor add the filter | Process Name | is | nameOfExecutable.exe | Include.

        You can find out what the name of the executable is by starting the program, going to the Applications tab of the Task Manager, right clicking the application and choosing Go To Process.

        Check the logged entries for NAME NOT FOUND results and eventually only show File System Activity.

        Hope this pushes you into the right direction.

        Good luck! 🙂

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