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      Greetings peeps my alias is Mauller(yearly number here of latest account lol will explain)

      glad to be about and join in the comunity, really enjoying win2k8 is the first time ive been happy when using a microsoft product besides the known compatability errors lol
      enjoy the extra speed and stability from 2k8 not having some of the most evil software known to man removed from its heart the PVP-OPM DRM infection in vista

      well started building and maintaining computers since i was 13
      my first pc was an old dos box back in 94 which was upgraded if you could call it one to win95 with a blazing p166mmx like yeah thats the shizzle lol
      then came the new win98 pooter with an amazing 3GB HDD just think of all the porn that could be added to the collection if i was interested in it back in those days lol and i was like OMG WOWOW lol – i think since then the newer version of windows have been a downgrade lacking the customisation 98 had for install without using 3rd party tools

      spent the past 5 years building, maintaining and optimising many computers for friends and mates and won quite a few bets on making there stock bought pc faster then it was when they bought it without overclocking lol.

      i made my first online games account back in the 56K days at a screaming 44kbs playing red alert 2 online my first account name was mauller95 in reference to my first game pc and i have just denoted the number to a newer year when i have an overhaul of my online accounts lol seeing that last year was my most recent lol hence the 07

      yeah i know mauller is spelt wrong and supposed to be spelt mauler but i was like 12 lol

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      Well, like i have said in other posts. It is great to have you since you seem to understand everything we are doing here. You have already made an impact on me with some of the fixes and tweaks.

      Thank you and happy trails!

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