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      Greetings all.

      I am a bencher who is trying to come to terms with this OS for running different kinds of 3D and 2D benchmarks. I found the guide via google and was really impressed with the level of detail in the explanations. So I decided to come on over and join and have a more detailed look at what this OS can do.

      That is about it. I have one initial question I will want to ask but I shall find the right place to post it in.

      Thats about it.

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        Hello 1Day,

        Welcome on the forums! Hope you can get great benchmark results using Windows Server 2008! 😉

        See you around!

        Greetings, Arris

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        Thanks Arris for your welcome. I am hoping to learn how to trim the OS down to the barest minimum; the end product must have as few services running as possible while still being able to run FutureMark 3D benchmarks. Once I have read through as many of the posts and threads here that are applicable I will get on with trimming down the OS and testing to see what does and what does not work. If as is claimed Server08 is quicker than Vista then it is a big positive. We (nut cases who push hardware far to hard) are obliged to use Vista to bench 3D application when running dual graphic cards in Crossfire. As Vista at present is the only platform that allows application over clocking of the graphic cards. Flashing the bios of a dual core graphic card is doable but a real pain if you know what I mean. Not as simple to do as with a single core card. So if you want dual card on a Intel chip set you have to use Vista. Well you had to use Vista I do not know of anyone using Server as yet. Maybe a good reason for that, 😀 but anyway it is fun to learn new stuff anyhow.

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        Great to see more people coming 🙂
        First, i like too to get the best from the hardware – i got 3,2ghz quad cpu, 2900pro gfx etc and the performance gain is enormous.For example the css stress test:
        xp – 301fps
        2003 – 331fps
        2008 – 370fps (even with tons of apps running in background – httpd,ftp and many other server apps)
        btw do you have test results with the new 3d mark vantage? i got 3,3k on the gfx card and 11,2k on the cpu
        There are few service that can be stopped too – for example the pritner service and the tablet pc service.
        About the cards, why don’t just flash them seperately? You still can use crossfire and there will be no need to use riva tuner or atitool!

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        Why not just flash the cards.

        If I was only going to use a single core graphic card then that would be the easy option to flash the bios as that would take at most a reboot and 30 secs of flashing. But the process for a HD3870x2 with dual cores is less simple and very very time consuming. Dual core bios flashing is not straight forward like a single card with one core. Then take into consideration that each benchmark has its own max frequency of the graphic card. So you would need to re-flash the bios for all 4 of the major benchmarks. And in one benchmark you often change the clocks for some of the individual tests. 🙂 That is not practical when you are benching with LN2 or Dry Ice, one pot on the CPU and four on the graphic cards is a lot of work. You need easy solution not complicated ones at that juncture. So in OS applications are the way to go.

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        You mean you use 3870X2 in crossfire? If thats the case your ritht, i thought you use regular cards in CF thats why i suggested to flash them seperately 🙂

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