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      Just like to know who in this community is making an effort with Folding@Home.

      What team number/name, your points, how long you’ve been doing it, what hardware you use.

      I just got a pair of F@H capable GPUs last week [8800GT’s] and have started folding today on both of them, as well as both cores on my CPU.
      I fold for Team SLI-Zone [158838] [SLI-Zone username : Circus / if you are ever over at the SLIZONE forums]

      I encourage anyone who has some spare cycles and/or hardware to help the cause.

      Any of the following hardware/OS can be used:
      – ATI GPUs / 2xxx series and above
      – Nvidia GPUs / 8 series and above
      – Any CPU
      – PS3
      – Windows / mac / linux

      For more info check out :

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