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      hi all,

      first: sorry for my english language, my native language is serbian and i never learn english

      or direct link if site linking is out of order Screen capture

      on my almost 3 years old computer i try many times to configuring Windows XP Professional x64 (few days from purchasing, and months, and months after that) never with full success. Sat DVB and TV card was problematic.
      Same thing with Vista x64, everything is ok, but my satellite dvb card and my tv card never work.

      i found this site, and after reading all manuals i was try to configure all, for me, important stuff (primary Sat DVB amd TV card) and finaly success!!!

      picture tell more than words, everything is in working conditions, except 3 unimportant thing marked with red
      1. Bluetooth USB Dongle (many people have problems with bluetooth)
      2. crapy Intracom ISDN “modem”, acting as backup device to conecting internet (unhappy mariage Telekom Srbija with Telecom Greece)
      3. dont know what is it (XP x64 recognise this device only when install “Cool an Quiet” software)
      Cool an Quiet is implemented in system on Server 2008 and working ok, look at “Resource Monitor” on picture, my CPU work on 94% max frequency with 80% usage.

      Task Manager tell u all impotrant thing and u can see few programs never listed in “program working” forum sections.

      – eLePhantClient.exe – native x64 applications – process of Lphant, excellent eMule and torrent client
      – PaintDotNet.exe – native x64 applications – process of Paint.NET, verry nice picture editor
      – DUControl.exe – native X64 application – process of DirectUp@te, DynDNS updater (60 days Trial)

      and two verry, verry problematic thing in XP x64 and Vista X64, this time in working conditions without problems

      – DScaler.exe – 32bit mode – in version 4.1.17 finaly with 64bit signed drivers, output set to Direct3D (aero not affected)
      – ProgDvbNet.exe – 32bit mode – process is part of ProgDVB programs, great SatDVB player. two green marks are:
      1 – software decoded crypted channel (lot of CPU usage) and
      2 – subtitle from teletext (first time saw this)

      all this programs is easy to find with google.

      my computer configuration is:

      MB: Asus A8N-E
      CPU: (AMD Athlon x64 3200+ replaced) AMD Athlon X2 4200+ socket 939
      RAM: (4×256 Samsung DDR 333 replaced) 4×512 Kingston DDR 400
      DISK: WD 80 GB, Dual Boot, System, Server 2008 on Primary ATA Master
      DISK: Maxtor 80 GB, Boot, System, Windows XP Professional on Primary ATA Slave
      DISK: Maxtor 250 GB, User files (shared booth systems) on SATA channel 1
      DISK: Maxtor 250 GB, Games and Shared Program Files for booth systems on SATA channel 2
      DISK: WD 350, Media files on SATA channel 3
      DVD: Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-109 on Secondary ATA Master
      CD: ASUS CRW-5224A on Secondary ATA Slave
      GPU: Gigabyte silent nVidia 6600GT
      TV: K-World Studio TV Terminator (SAA7131 chipset) AKA “cheap card with silicon tuner”
      DVB: TehniSat SkyStar2 v2.3 (7 years old, best buy in my life)
      PSU: 375W Asus, come with goodlooking black shining Asus mini tower

      thats all from me for this time, GL all for configuring system

      P.S. my friend lost great MB due to PSU failure. CPU and memory survived and now live in my comp.

      edit: added forgotten DirectUpd@te
      edit: added informations of upgrading

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      Congratulations from someone who cares deeply about getting the important things working for those who need those things. I am very happy for you and glad that Windows 2008 Workstation ‘just worked’ for you. Great story that will inspire many!

      Rough Serbian Translation (I translated this online so sorry if it doesn’t translate properly):

      Grub Srpski Prevod ( ja prevedeno današji izravan na taj način žalostan da to se prevesti ispravno ):
      Čestitka iz netko tko gladiti duboko okolo dobivanje određeni član važan stvar rad umjesto tim tko potreba tim stvar. JA sam presretan umjesto te pa dearth taj Windowsi 2008 Radni stanica ‘just izrađen umjesto te. Velik priča taj volja udisati mnogobrojan! JA prevedeno današji izravan na taj način žalostan da to se prevesti ispravno.

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      Sure that’s great, but what are you going to do after the 240 days are over?

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      cool and quiet is a cpu feature.
      it disables parts of it, so it stays cooler…

      you will find a driver using google or on amd s Homepage…

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