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      I’ve been trying to use Orca in order to get Exchange System Manager for Vista to install on Win2k8.

      I can’t seem to find the right combination to get it to work but i’ve read posts where they state it’s a simple edit but there are no instructions. Has anyone been able to get this app to install properly?

      Here is a post at the very bottom of this page that says it does indeed work.

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        Tried it and it worked for me if I deleted the following entries in the InstallUISequence table:
        * CA_SET_ERROR_MSG
        * FatalErrorDialog

        However when I tried to run the Active Directory Users and Computers or System Manager Microsoft Management Console add-in, the MMC reports: MMC could not create the snap-in.
        It could be because I haven’t installed anything Exchange-related.

        Good luck!


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        First off, thanks for taking a look at this…

        I also had the install go perfectly but in active directory users and computers there are no exchange tabs that show up.

        Can anyone else shed some light on this or what needs to be done?

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          If you download and run Sysinternals Process Monitor, add the filter: Process Name | is | mmc.exe | include, and then run one of the tools, you see many registry keys and files that couldn’t be found (Result: NAME NOT FOUND). Maybe you can compare this output with the output this tool gives you on a Windows Vista machine?

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          I’ll have to try and find someone with a Vista machine and take a peek at it.

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          I don’t have access to a vista box so if anyone else could chime in here i would appreciate it.

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            You can try Vista for 30 days in Microsoft Virtual PC 2007. Get the Windows Vista VHD from the Download Section

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