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      Hey I just installed server 08 as a workstation and have been extremely impressed. One problem that I’m having is that EvilLyrics can’t seem to find anything, even to the most mainstream songs. I get a “Lyrics not found” error message for everything. As far as my (extremely limited) knowledge goes, there seems to be a problem with the program connecting / running scripts that access the internet. Is there some way around this? (And yes, I’ve read the evil lyrics forums and updated the filters as suggested but to no avail)

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        I checked the application, and I also have that problem. Only if you do a fulltext internet lyrics search you get some titles, but if you double-click on one of them it again says Lyrics not found. I fired up WireShark Network Protocol Analyser and saw that after clicking the “go-search” button, it searches lyrics using Google’s PDA search engine:
        I searched for: Kate Ryan
        Url that was loaded by EvilLyrics is: http://www.google.com/pda/search?mrestrict=xhtml&hl=en&lr=&num=5&q=lyrics+kate+ryan
        After that I tried the EvilLyrics application in a Windows XP Virtual Machine, but this gave the same result: nothing.

        I think the Google changed their mobile search application and now the EvilLyrics application can’t parse the results anymore and says that it can’t find any lyric.

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