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      I just installed my Server 2008 and I did the whole workstation how-to.
      I got all of my applications to run, except skype, which is VERY important to me.

      Anyone got it working? The executable starts, but the program simply disappears after 5 secs…


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      I found this, hope it helps you

      Latest Skype version will crash 2 seconds after login, you need to install a former skype version Skype works great.

      you can download an old version of skype here http://filehippo.com/download_skype/2473/

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      Oh my god, it works 😀
      I love u!

      Thanks very such, you saved my day.


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      @Apocaliptica wrote:

      Oh my god, it works 😀
      I love u!

      I did not know this was a dating website, lmao!

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