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      Has anyone been able to get DVD’s or dvr-ms files to play in Windows Media Player on server 2008. I get playback of DVDs in Power DVD and DVR-MS files to play in VLC Media Player, but would like to get everything working in Windows Media Player. I have tried all of the Codec Packs that I know, and nothing seems to work. I checked the policy editor and there dont seem to be any restrictions.

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      Install Vista Codecs I think the current version is 4.62. This should take care of any codec proplems for playing media files on WS2008 Workstation.


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      I will be very honset with my answer to this. WMP is not my idea of a media player (except for some audio formats).

      I have always had issues with WMP and found that KLite Codec Packs work very well to cover Windows XP and Vista Codec Packs work very well for Vista. But, I still use other methods since i do not like the way WMP performs and the way it protect media.

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      Hi Guys,

      Thank you for the reply. I guess you are correct about media player. I was just trying to make my Windows 2008 Workstation the same as my XP box. It is no problem for me to use VLC Media Player for all video files. It seems to work properly. Did anyone figure out how to turn on automatic codec downloads in Media Player under server 2008? Seems to be greyed out on all server 2008 boxes.


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      You could use PowerDVD 7.3, then use Windows COdec selector (Tool from Microsoft and set DVD decoder to Cyberlink Powerdvd in WMP works for me, as well as Vista Codecs

      Codec selector


      Vista Codec


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      Hi Guys,

      Thank you for your help. None of the MPEG-2 codecs were showing up in Codec selector. I had to go into Server Manager and remove the “Quality Windows Audio Video Experience”, reboot and then re-add it. After the reinstall, all of the codecs showed up. I can now play DVD’s in Media Player. I want to thank all of you for your help.


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      Is it just because I am trying to run 64-bit that none of this works for me?
      I download the codecs and they work in the utilities, but not in media player. I can’t play MPG or DVDs period. Should I take Microsoft’s recommendation and buy a decoder package or is that just a waste of time?

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      Ok. When I install the 32-bit codecs too, then media player works. Movie Maker still doesn’t correctly render MPEG clips, however.

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