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      Is it possible? Because Server 08 isn’t detecting my DVD-RW drive as a drive with recording capabilities (just as a reader drive). I have burning software but for making data discs I’d much rather prefer to have it done in Windows if possible (streamlines the whole process).

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        Here are two similar topics, hope you find a solution there!
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        @Arris wrote:

        Here are two similar topics, hope you find a solution there!
        1. Topic: Burning
        2. Topic: Plextor PX-716A

        Yeah, I saw those on my first perusal through these forums.

        I guess that’s going to have to do then. I’ll stick with ImgBurn.

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        As I only rarely burn CDs or DVDs and because I like to use WMP for burning music CDs, I didn’t want to burn some third party software for burning CDs. So I did some research and found out that you can use the windows burning tools (Explorer, WMP, …) when the user account protection is deactivated.

        But I don’t want to deactivate UAC – so with this new bit of information (which I haven’t found anywhere else) has anyone an idea, how to active burning capabilities in Win2k8 WITHOUT turning off UAC?

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        This is a little late coming but I did some research of my own and discovered that CD/DVD burning is actually activated in the Administrator account but any account besides that one does not have it activated (surprised I never picked up on this sooner; but I never used the Admin account for anything, I only discovered it after I reinstalled Windows Server 2008).

        This leads me to believe there’s a registry tweak or something that might be found that enables disc recording for all users.

        Sadly, I’m not sure if I’m cut out to poke around for this feature so if someone might have more talent than I for this sort of thing, I ask if you might mind taking a looky-loo into this (wherever you believe you might find such a feature).

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        According to my research, burning in non-administrative accounts can be enabled using the following procedure:

        1. Open Administrative Tools -> Local Security Policy.
        2. Open the folder Security Settings -> Local Policies -> Security Options
        3. Set Devices: Restrict CD-ROM access to locally logged-on user only to Enabled
        4. Set Devices: Allowed to format and eject removable media to Administrators and Interactive Users

        There is a problem with this method: It simply does not work!!

        I tried the Administrators and Power Users setting in step 4, then temporarily adding my non-administrator user account to the Power Users group just to see if that setting was applicable, and still no luck! I gather this setting only applies to USB drives.

        Has anyone discovered a method to allow non-administrative users to burn CDs?

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