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      I have configured my Win serv 08 and the only problem i have is that i can`t install correctly some of BT drivers.
      I have downloaded the last drivers but they do not apply any changes… the main bluetooth control is working… i can see devices but i cant use it.
      When windows update search for a solution i get that i have to apply the hotfix – Windows6.0-KB940199-x86 ( ).
      But i can`t apply the hotfix because it is saying that this update do not apply to my sistem 🙁

      some screenshots:

      Any solution to this? 😕

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      I have the exact same problem as you do, and have yet to find a workable solution. I think the reference to the KB 940199 might be a red herring – maybe Microsoft throwing up their hands not knowing why the driver can’t be found and blindly directing users to that KB article…might be wrong though.

      I have tried downloading a couple of bluetooth stacks widcomm 5.1 and widcomm 6.0, the Vista x64 Lenovo Bluetooth software, etc. They all install, and I can even pair it with my Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000, but the mouse won’t work. I also get the unknown hardware stuff that I can’t find drivers for.

      Bummer…everything else is looking soooo good.

      Oh yeah, I’m installing this on a Thinkpad T61p laptop.

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      You may want to check for the latest vista drivers that support SP1

      try using the add legacy hardware option as it will list any errors that occur during driver install

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      any solution please? 🙁

      i cant work without the bt mouse and the mobile phone 🙁

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        The Support page of KB940199 says that the file Infcache.1 could be deleted or corrupted or deleted. Windows Vista (and maybe 2008 server) would not automatically recover that file when it is deleted, but after installing the patch it should. On the bottom of the page it says this patch applies to Vista and Vista x64, but not to Vista SP1 (and Server 2008), so I guess this fix has already been integrated within Service Pack 1 of Vista and in Windows Server 2008.

        I don’t have/use a bluetooth dongle/devices myself so I can not test it, but two tips:
        1. I guess you need to have the Wireless LAN Service role installed to have support for bluetooth (correct me if I am wrong!)
        2. Try to install them fully manually. In the Update Driver Software wizard use the option Browse my computer for driver software -> Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer -> Have Disk -> Browse to the folder where you extracted the driver (must contain .inf / .cat / .dll files) and install the driver.

        Some Other topics about Bluetooth Support in Windows Server 2008:
        TechNet – Windows Server 2008 and Bluetooth
        MSFN – BlueTooth and Server 2008, can’t get it to fully work

        Hope this helps!

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        thanks, but nothings works. Any other solution?

        Have someone some bluetooth USB stack that is working fine on win server 2008?

        Thanks 😉

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        I’ve installed Toshiba BT stack 32bit drivers for Vista. Not sure what hardware mine is, as its internal in my asus laptop, but it connects fine to my nokia 6120c 🙂

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        Install latest Logitech Setpoint Drivers for Bluetooth.
        Bluetooth off then on – drivers are installed successfully automatically after redetection.

        This works for both 32bit and 64bit…. using the respective 32 and 64bit versions of Logitech Setpoint.
        Took whole day to figure that one out.

        Aaaand…. miraculously all of a sudden the infrared driver also installs (if you select re-install driver under driver properties).

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