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      At the end of the Microsoft-video “Exerciser” the customer wearing the brown shirt asks the Microsoft-employee what the robot does for fun. The employee answers that it works as a fitness-trainer once a week. Hereafter the customer makes a remark including the term “nervous”.
      As a German resident I cannot understand this remark. What does he say to the Microsoft employee?

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      Could you post a link to the video in question please?

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      View section “Meet IT 24-7”. Video “Exerciser”.

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      don’t know what nervous means? it means shaking in the tremors, sweating in the palms, and having thoughts like “am I gonna make it” or “Am I going to win this FPS tournament?” “Am I going to die out here in the wastes”??? When someone has an M16 pointed towards you and your eyes bulge to the 3rd degree and your heart feels like it’s going to jump out any second like a gernade!


      (ok I think I got carried away but that server video made me so LOL mood!)

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      I do know, what “nervous” means.
      The guy is speaking very inarticulately/undistinguishably for me as a foreigner who tries to understand his local dialect. Please, can you write his last sentence in this video sequence inside your posting? Hereafter I would be able to translate it into German. Thanks!

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      Stubby guy: “Okay, so what does it do for fun, then?”
      Server guy: “Er, once a week it helps out in HR.”
      Stubby guy: “I could use one of those.”
      Server guy: “Heh, yeah… you could, yeah.”

      Basically the server guy is implying that the stubby guy needs a fitness trainer to help him shake a few kilos.

      Hope this helps.

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      Thank you very much. 😉

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      The video is poking fun of the stereotype that all people in Human Resources (HR) because their job centers around sitting on the butt all day in a cubical answering phone calls, hence giving them the persona that they are fat and lazy.

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