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      I’m having problems getting Desktop Experience to work properly.
      I choose to install it, I reboot and it says “Updating something 1/3..”, goes to 3/3 and then says rebooting…
      After it boots it says “Updates were not installed properly, reverting…”
      After it’s done that it reboots again, boots up normaly and says something like “Installation of Desktop Experience has failed.”

      Any clues why it doesn’t want to install?
      I have the Themes Service enabled and running.

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      Try installing it with the themes service disabled i had this problem once on a virtual machine

      do you have any other roles or enhancments installed?

      is this from a fresh install without any modification to the disc ie used Vlite on it

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      No enhancements/roles installed.
      It’s a non-edited installation too, just done some tweaks from this site.

      Will try with the Themes -service disabled.

      EDIT: The same “Updates were not configured properly, reverting changes…” :S

      EDIT2: I’m not after the Themes etc myself, just Windows Media Player (And WMCodec with it).

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      i would recomend you download a 3rd party player then as desktop experience adds more then just themes and media player too if your just after a media player

      try which is a good player i use

      or you could look for VLC (video lan classic) which doesnt need codecs to run

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      Yea atm I’m using VLC to watch all vids that require WMCodec but I would rather use Media Player Classic but I cannot find a installer for Vista for Windows Media Player or Windows Media Codec.

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