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      Having trouble getting my dell 370 bluetooth to work properly. I have installed the bluetooth patch and it works great with my trendnet mini dongle but not with my dell 370. I can see it has devices installed under human interface devices that match the hardware id, and when trying to install the dell drivers which are braodcom (WIDCOMM) it seems that nothing happens.
      Anyone else able to get their dell 370 to work under 2008 r2?

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      Got it working, at least with motion in joy (I use it as a dedicated Bluetooth for my ps3 controller) I noticed i was getting side by side errors with the software via the event log. Some researching pointed out that I may need the proper visual c++ redistributable. Not sure which one specifically it was looking for so i downloaded and installed 2005 and 2008 x86 and x64 redistributables uninstalled and reinstalled the widcomm software and it is now recognizable by motion in joys ds3 tool. Whereas it wasnt before. I’d like to think with an unloading of the motion in joy drivers it would function as it normally should. Hope this helps some one else.

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