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      So u buyed new ssd 40-60giga
      installed on ur pc and install ur fav’ OS Windows 7
      and … 10-15giga are gone cos the OS
      few apps like vs2010 and 1/2 games is that all ur SSD is full
      you find ur self think that u should buying a bigger one.

      But here another thinking around
      its a bit thinking out of the box but give it a chance

      I wanted to put second OS on my laptop but its just slow on my hdd 5400rpm
      so i think maybe i could put pagefile.sys on the ssd
      and yes its help for boot time and the system is more responsive like ready-boost feature

      Uses – so what we could use to it
      1. as u know 40giga ssd are not enuf in our days ssd still pricy
      windows 7 is just around 10-15GiGs or even more while the time winsxs growing without any limit
      so if u dont have time to lite ur os or just need really Stable OS without any changes
      u could use this
      put ur os on slow hdd and the pagefile on ssd
      and put ur vs2010 or any app u wanna use on the SSD and enjoy
      less boottime then average and full speed with ur programs that anyways u use the most
      and if u really wanna less boot time use hibernation

      2. if u think buying the hybrid HDD with 4giga flash in it[seagate XT]
      i think this solution will suit u the boottime is about the same and u get more app production with the ssd

      3. second OS ofc 🙂

      overview the concept
      So most of windows files are not need for current using
      like videos drivers winsxs and much else
      when u install visual studio u feel the change between SSD and HDD
      u save much more time with SSD
      in our daily use of the OS we dont feel big gap between SSD and HDD

      So with with windows on HDD and pagefile.sys will be on SSD we could gain same improve and save 10-15Gigs or even more
      for other stuff we really need like apps or games we love to play a lot [aka WOW]

      Hope it help

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