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      Well, i’m trying to figure out which is the best codec pack for 2008 R2. I tried at first K-lite, but some effects in subtitles and other rendering options were missing; worst of all, all rmvb i tried to run became blocky.

      Since them i had installed shark007, but when i tried to enable those DXVA options, all videos got corrupted (worst of all, the layout of their site makes feel very insecure about malware embedded). If I enable dxva into the player (VLC, for instance) it runs finem but makes me think if would get better enabling in the codecs. I tried to run some heavy test videos (crowd run, milkgirls) and got some stuttering. I have just a 955 C3, 4GB 1333 with little tighted timings and a 5670 512MB GDDR5 overclocked at catalyst limit, a modest machine, but i want to squeeze every grain of performance that i can (we’re all here at 2k8r2 for the same, i suppose).

      So, need to ask: what are you guys using to watch movies?

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