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      Does anyone have any ideas about how to get Civilization 4 running on Server 2008. I was able to run it on Vista, but now I am having trouble. I already added the gameux.dll file and now all I get is an error with the following information.

      **Start Error**
      Initilize Renerer failed. Check DirectX Installation, Lates Graphics Drivers and Graphics Settings
      -width = 1024
      -height = 768
      -flags = 0xc
      -hwnd = 0x3d0182
      -adaptrid = 0
      -deviceid = 3
      Error: Creation failed: Invalid 3D device type.
      **End Error**

      I have DirectX 10 installed. I tried the fix for Grand Theft Auto and that did not work. Please let me know if you have any ideas.


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      Have you disabled DEP in the tutorials section on the home page?

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        When you browse the internet you see several tips:
        – Install DirectX from the cd
        – Install the latest patch from
        – Enable Direct Draw Acceleration in Start -> Run -> dxdiag -> Display tab (if not already enabled and if possible)
        – Change the fullscreen option in the config file in the installation directory to 0 (windowed)
        – Be sure you have the latest (graphic) drivers
        – Run in compatibility mode (right mouse click on the shortcut -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Run this program in compatibility mode for: -> Windows XP (Service Pack 2)

        Hope this will fix your problem! 🙂

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        Thank you for all of your responses. I finally got it going. I upgraded the driver for my video card. It turns out that I had not updated that yet and I was just running the generic driver from Windows.

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