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      Running WS2012R2 on my notebook ThinkPad T400 2765 21G with an Intel P8600 and 4GB memory for 2 days right now. Never had any issues with my choice of the browser in 2008R2, 2012, 7 and 8. But now in 2012R2 it seems to be a little bit tricky. I installed WS2012R2 on two other machines with similar hardware and twice on this one.

      All in all it came out that I have a browser/flash-problem with Chrome 30.0.1599.101 m and previous version in WS2012R2 and W8.1. It handles videos pretty nasty and is asking tons of ram as double as FF and Opera 18 are doing. Opening a second tab in Chrome with one tab a YT vid already running is becoming a nice experience. Always sounds like the scratching DJ is sitting behind the first tab.

      Don’t have similar experiences with FF and Opera 18. Anybody experiencing the same issue ?



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