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      I have 2008 Workstation setup and everything seems to be working pretty well. Its definitely better than running Server 2003 as a workstation.

      But, I do have one outstanding problem. I setup a VPN to connect to my work network, which works, but every time I try to access a network resource it asks for my credentials. Even if I check the “save my password” option, it asks for my creds every time.

      I work on the VPN so much I would like to set my domain credentials as the default credentials for any network resource. Is there a way to do this?

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      I forgot to mention that a co-worker of mine is running Vista and has the same setup (VPNs into work a lot). He does not have this problem and can access any network resources without being asked for creds. He doesn’t remember having to set any options to get this behavior.

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        I can’t test if it works, but if you access a share Windows by default tries to open it with the credentials of the current logged on user. You can try to change the username and password at the Windows Server 2008 workstation to the same you are using at the company you are working. I know from a security perspective this isn’t a great idea, but at least you can try it. I currently don’t have any other clues how to solve this annoying problem.

        Good luck!


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