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      just installed successful win server 2012 to my mac book pro laptop in a bootcamp partition.

      Almost all drivers installed (Apple “Windows Support” Drivers installation works partially on Win Server 2012, on Win 8 it works correctly), except Bluetooth (Error to launch peripheral) and the Broadcom Wifi card.

      Broadcom card is : Broadcom Airforce bcm43xx.

      I tried to install drivers from the Windows Seven installation in compatibility mode from :

      Installation launch, and get bug at the end of install :

      KIRIN_REL_828 Error.

      Then I tried manually to install (from peripherals management), pilot was accepted and noticed as “working correctly” in the materials list but still deactivated. I try to activate device but it stay deactivated anyway.

      I tried ma-config website and also windows update, nothing found here.

      Well, thanks for help if you got lights.


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