Bluetooth is a pain-in-the-ass, or is it?

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      After a few angry days, and lots of Googling for information on how to get the HP Bluetooth Chip to work in Server 2008 Workstation, I finally found a solution!

      It is as easy as BlueSoleil 🙂

      Download the x32 or the x64 version, install, reboot and it will work!

      Here is the link to the webpage:

      Using the standard Microsoft Bluetooth stack ( ) didn’t work for me, as there still was the MS/RFCOMM unit that didn’t want to install, and therefore I couldn’t authenticate my mobilephone in Nokia PC Suite, which is the only reason I use Bluetooth.

      However, I am not sure whether it was only the BlueSoleil package that did it for me, since I had used the guide mentioned the paragraph over before, and I hadn’t uninstalled the drivers from there.

      So, try the BlueSoleil package first, and if it doesn’t work, add these files as well, and you will be good to go 🙂

      Hope this will help any other poor sucker which uses HP and the integrated Bluetooth 🙂

      – Zappza

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        Hey Zappza, thanks for your nice explanation! 🙂 Hope this helps some other people too.

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