Bitdefender Free Antivirus Edition for W7 & W8 works on R2 !

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        Hi !

        Bitdefender Free Antivirus Edition for W7 & W8 works on WS2008-R2 !

        Yesterday i installed Bitdefender Free Antivirus on my R2-testsystem.
        (I also tested it on WS2012, and it works.)

        Bitdefender installed without complaining about “Server-O/S”.
        Everything seems to work normally.
        But the userinterface is very limited, there are just 2 settings:
        1. Relatime-protection On/Off
        2. Automatic scanning On/Off

        And i really don´t like the following text in the usermanual:
        “When an infected file is detected, Bitdefender tries to disinfect it by removing the
        malware code. If disinfection fails, Bitdefender alerts you that the infected file
        could not be disinfected. Files that cannot be disinfected are quarantined in order
        to contain the infection.”

        An antivirus-program that thinks it “knows” what to do when it detects something….
        This can lead to loss of important files !
        Be warned !

        I know personally what can happen, i once lost an important testprogram that i had on a USB-menory.
        The stupid antivirus-program (Trend-Micro) on the computers at the university deleted the file without asking for my permission.
        And, i could not retrieve it from the quarantine, so i lost it.
        It was a harmless testprogram designed to test antivirus-programs, similar to EICAR, i had even checked it on Virustotal and it was clean.
        I had renamed it to Virustest.ex instead of Virustest.exe, so it wasn´t even executable….
        Personally i never allow any A/V-program to mess with any file on my computers, i always set the settings to notify, or quarantine if notify isn´t available.

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