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      Well replaced that bad ram and got Logitech working correctly with UberOptions and am so impressed I am trying to find a way to permanently switch to 2k8.

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      What is now still bothering you that you still have to find a way to permanently use Windows Server 2008? 😉

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      @Arris wrote:

      What is now still bothering you that you still have to find a way to permanently use Windows Server 2008? 😉

      Having to buy a new webcam for my security system/software. I have a wireless IP cam that I am sure will work, but I also have an old 3Com USB cam that I can not so far get to work. Most webcams these days do not have the tripod mount on the bottom so I need to either locate one that does or find one I can attach to my blinds or put a support bar in the window.

      Got BF2 and AA up and running last night BTW, nice. Will install ADOBE CS2 or 3 suite when I get home from work, then try to generate a list of APPs I must have from XP.

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      Sounds like you are close to install it for permanently use. 🙂 However if any problems occur, don’t hesitate to ask them (if you couldn’t find out yourself, which I am sure for most problems you can). 😉

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      Well didn’t know where else to put this, maybe we should have a Hardware Section.

      This weekend both my XP and S2K8 installs started crashing. The 2k8 was the worst, I lost activation and got Stop errors and blue screen reboots. So I switched to XP and got an error suggesting I DL windows Memory Tool and run it.
      Sure enough I got 10s of thousands of errors in the ram. I was able to see which stick of 4 it was and removed it from the system. Xp is running happy now but I have not tried to boot the s2k8 yet as I have ordered new ram and it will be here tomorrow. Stupid me ordered more 1gig sticks but I could have gone with 2gig sticks, since I have s2k8Ex64.
      BTW I am running Patriot DDR2 800 ram (the 6400 Cas4 stuff). Was 2x512K and 2x1G will be 4x1G tomorrow night.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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