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        AV-Comparatives has released their Real-World Protection Test October 2014
        Last Revision 2014-11-15

        “This fact sheet1 is a short overview of the Whole-Product Dynamic Real-World Protection Test results of October 2014.
        The detailed overall result reports (covering four months each) are released in July and December.
        Each of the overall result reports will also contain a false-alarm test,
        and will contain the awards the products reached based on their overall scores during the respective four-month period.

        For more information about this ReaL-WorLd Protection Test, please read the details and previous test reports available on AV-Comparatives Independent Tests of Anti-Virus Software ยป AV-Comparatives

        Directdownload (PDF): http://www.av-comparatives.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/avc_per_201410_en.pdf

        Note: the full report will be released in December.

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