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      Hello guys,
      I’ve installed WinSer 2008 about a month ago, and from that time I was using headphones. Now I installed Audigy2 ZS sound card and connected 2.1 speakers to it and figured out that subwoofer doesn’t get any signal from soundcard. I also tried to get sound to subwoofer from integrated soundcard, but I had no luck. Is there any simple solution to this? Does anyone have 5.1/2.1 speakers connected to WinSer 2008 box and working subwoofer?

      Thanks for any help …

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      I have X-Fi and 5.1 speakers and the subwoofer is working just fine.Try to set 2.1 in the sound options in control panel, probably now its set to headphones and they dont have subwoofer.

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