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      I’m new to the site. I have just installed Windows Server 2008 Standard on my MacBook Pro. I became a mac user back in May. At first, I liked OS X but eventually I got sick of it and decided to use Windows again. I first installed Vista but ran into some problems pretty soon. I decided to try out Server 2008 instead since it seems to be a lot faster and more stable, and I am able to install a legit version thanks to Dreamspark.

      Anyway, I have already set up bluetooth. However, I am having trouble getting my wireless Mighty Mouse to work. It seems to be paired correctly in the Bluetooth Manager. However, the driver is failing to load correctly. When installing the driver, I did “Browser my computer for driver software” > Pick from a list of device driver > Apple > Apple Mighty Mouse. However, it said that there was an error during the driver installation about the driver failing to start. I haven’t been able to find any solutions online so far. Can someone please help? Thank you very much in advance.

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