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      Hi guys,

      Does anyone of you also use the Apple bluetooth keyboard with WS2012? Being a great fan of Apple hardware I have been using this great keyboard for years without problems until… well you can guess… I am now using a wired HP keyboard and I absolutely hate it…

      What is the case: as the Apple KB uses bluetooth this was a pain to get working. After a few nights of trying out all BT options I have settled with the Toshiba stack for now. This works fine for most of the time. But every few hours all of a sudden a key (can be any key) hangs and just keeps on going. There is nothing to stop the rogue key except a hard reboot thus loosing all work…

      I have changed the batteries but that did not help. I also played with the repeat settings in Windows but this also did not work.

      The keyboard has never given me any trouble at all so it must be the combo with WS2012… I really hate not being able to use the Apple KB as when you are used to those tip-keys you never want to go back to a normal KB. Or at least I don’t 😉

      Any ideas on this?


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