ANYBODY get speech recognition with full UI working?

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      Windows 7 has integrated Speech Recognition which means you can command/work your PC only by voice (»Open Wordpad!«).

      I now tried 2 DAYS in ProcMon and Regedit to get that feature working with R2, but now i am short from going INSANE …

      HELP ME PLEASE 😆 :mrgreen:

      I managed to get the Speech Recognition applet in the Control Panel kind of working; but when I use “Start Recognition”, then right after the little recognition window appears, I get an Error message! Something like »Recognition cant be started, because its language must match that of UI …«

      I wanna voice-command my goddamn PC, but I have lost all my energy now, i am empty. 😆

      Is it even POSSIBLE to have a 100% normal Speech Recognition in R2? Does anyone of you guys have that feature working? By the way, I am using legit windows with german language.

      Bye everybody 😳

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