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      Does anyone have a working anti-virus (firewall would be a definate plus) for 2008 R2 beta? All the ones for Win7 say they won’t install on a server OS…

      I tried my newly aquired Outpost Security Suite (just bought around Christmas before the beta was released), and it bluescreen’s upon install (firewall driver corrupts and won’t even let you back into safemode, or “known last good config”, etc)….

      I’d just like to keep my system clean when I travel to random networks. 🙂

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      It’s times like these I’m glad I own ESET Smart Security Business Edition!

      That’s v3.0.684 and is the 64-bit version obviously, it installs and runs 100% fine with no issues whatsoever – just like Windows Vista and Server 2008 R1. Note Smart Security is the full suite, which has NOD32 plus a very NICE rule-based firewall and Spam Filter and all that.

      Also, I thought i’d let you know that the two most popular tech magazines in Australia did a Security Suite roundup for 2008, and while ESET Smart Security doesnt have as good detection or scanning speed as Norton360 and Kaspersky, it came in first by a very VERY MASSIVE margin for system performance. Recommended for gamers!

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