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      I have an Angel USB TV tuner that came with my Dell a long time ago. I’ve used it ever since then without instance, until I installed Windows Server 2008.

      Now, I’ve checked the lumanate website, which is the new owner of the Angel name, and the drivers specific to my card are apparently included in windows Vista. So, I can’t find an x64 compatible driver for this USB tuner anywhere.

      I’ve read many forums and searched everywhere on Google, but I still can’t figure out what to do.

      I also tried to use the “have disk” method to search a x86 Vista CD for a driver, but that did not work either. I am using a x64 server install, but I was trying to exhaust all options.

      Can anyone help me? I’ve installed BDA support, now I want to install my tuner!!!


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      Ok, so I’ve gotten a little bit of success, maybe you guys can help me out the rest of the way.

      I was able to get a hold of Vista x64 drivers for the device last night. Server now recognizes the the device as ANGEL USB MPEG Device, but it still has a “code 39” error. I’ve been looking at the .inf and it looks as if there may be some files that are missing in Server. I’ll admit though, I don’t know what I’m looking for, or what I’m doing so I could be way off. I would really appreciate any and all help.

      Here is a link to the zip, it contains the Vista x64 drivers-

      Help please!!!

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        Take a look at the System log in the Event Viewer (Start -> Run -> eventvwr.msc), maybe that gives you some more information about the not-starting driver.

        I don’t have any experiences with modifying .inf files but the structure of the inf becomes more clear after reading the following website: MSDN: Overview of INF Files.

        One more thing you can do is to monitor your system while installing (and implicitly also starting) the driver using Sysinternals Process Monitor.

        Good luck!


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