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      Firstly thanks for the great guide for converting Win 2k8 to a workstation. I’ve just got almost everything up and running but I still have problems with the chipset drivers. The AMD Vista package (containing chipset, LAN and IGP) won’t launch while the OS isn’t supported. I’ve tried compatbility mode without any luck. I managed to do some workarounds and install LAN and Video by the device manager. But I can’t figure out to install the chipset driver. So I would like to know if it’s possible to spoof the OS version to launch the installer for the driver package?


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        Hey, good to hear you enjoyed the manual! 🙂

        You can try to unpack the installation archive using 7-Zip. My experience is that 7-Zip can more often extract the installation archives than WinRAR.
        If that doesn’t work and you expect that the installer first extracts the files and then checks the OS version, you can do the following:
        1. Cleanup your temp directory (%tmp% in the Windows Explorer location bar)
        2. Start the installer and wait for the error message to appear.
        3. Leave the error message open, open your temp directory and see if there are any files or folders added.
        4. Copy the files to a ‘safe’ location and close the Installer.
        5. If you see an msi, use the Patching .MSI Installers tutorial to edit it. Otherwise try to extract the contents of the files using 7-Zip.

        Hope this helps you a bit!


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