After installing Hyper-V role – Huge performance hit.

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      After installing the Hyper-V role, something is changed the system performance decreases dramatically.

      Sound is crackling/popping, UI is slow, and certain 3D applications/games drop from 400fps to 10fps (Try Lightsmark 2008).

      Only way I’ve found so far to fix this is by removing the role, but I’d really like to have it for virtualisation. Does anyone know of any fixes to this? 😥

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      I had the same issue—and we’re not alone. Six pages of complaints may be found at Ultimately, it appears to be related to compatibility issues with Hyper-V and video drivers—with the best solution being not to use Hyper-V 😥 .

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        I also had this problem and removed the Hyper-V Server Role. I’m now using VMWare which works fine! At the Installing Hyper-V in Server 2008 x64 page there are also more people with this problem.

        Hope Microsoft will solve this problem soon using a patch because Hyper-V is a nice feature of Server 2008!

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