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        Ads are dangerous….

        AdSense Abused with Malvertising Campaign

        By Denis Sinegubko on January 14, 2015

        Last weekend we noticed a large number of requests to scan websites for malware because they randomly redirected to some “magazine” websites.
        Most of them mentioned the lemode-mgz .com site.
        In all cases, the symptoms were the same.
        Some users randomly got redirected when they clicked on links or loaded new pages.
        They all reported that the new page would show up for a second or two and then it would redirect them to those magazine websites.

        The redirects were platform and browser-agnostic – Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile browsers – they all got redirected.
        However, while some visitors regularly saw those redirects and even complained that the websites were barely usable because of them, other visitors have never been redirected.

        We scanned these sites but couldn’t find any server-side problems.
        The nature of the redirects (page loaded and then redirected after a few moments),
        suggested that those were client-side redirects: either some JavaScript or the meta refresh tag.
        We couldn’t find anything that would change the HTML and JavaScript code of the site itself,
        so most likely the redirects originated in third-party scripts,
        which looked quite plausible since all the websites we worked with run third-party ads.

        Full story:

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