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    Sorry for my poor English.

    I mean first install the Avira AntiVir Personal version 9, whereever you downlaod or get it, first, and it should be okay using the work around posted at 1st page of this thread.

    Then download the newest version, and it should be version 10. Double click it to install. I thought that as it detects an older version of Avira had installed on the system, so it directly upgrade the product without letting you to choose express or manually setting like what we can do in clean installation.

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    @Indrek wrote:

    Well, I’ve ditched MSE and gone back to Avira. Only hiccup was that Avira version 10 no longer seems to check the ProductOptions key, so the registry hack doesn’t work. Version seems to be the last version for which the hack works. Get it from here:

    Only problem is that support for version 9 will end on 30.09, but I’m hoping someone will have figured out a way to install it on R2 by then.

    I think a workaround may help.

    I found that version 10 is unable to install on 2k8 R2 today so I go here to find any solution. But I found Indrek have pointed out this issue.

    However, I found that using version 10 via upgrade from verison 9 is still possible.
    I have installed version 9 after installation of 2k8 R2, and I have upgraded to version 10 without any problem. Also I have tried to upgrade from free version to security suite, and no pop up found, but all components will be installed during upgrade, you can only remove any components via “change” in control panel.
    So I wonder it maybe possible to install version 9 first, then upgrade it to version 10. I don’t know if it works on yours 2k8 R2 or not.
    And direct installation of version 10, hope there will be work around soon.

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