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A Million thanks for sharing this information. I used your manual method. My Avermedia PCIe Hybrid works perfectly now!

Only suggestion i have would be to make a package with all the files. It took quite a bit of effort to track them all down as I didn’t have easy access to a Vista machine.

thanks. if you look at my setup.exe package i made recently it has the files there BUT only directx files which are part of BDA functionality, its much faster and less hassles, basically BDA on server in 2 quick steps.

Your suggestion is most welcome, but distributing vista files in a package to get BDA on server is illegal. thats why i just made a setup.exe package to ease all hassles.
in my package
get BDA vista files.exe = to grab all the necessary files that needs to be present on server for BDA to work
BDASetup.exe = Installs and registers all vista BDA files on server for BDA functionality

Thanks for your suggestion and nice to hear my solution worked for you