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Already did this… The message that I get is ” The folder doesn’t contain any driver compatible with your hardware” … I am running out of ideas 🙁

Hi, try these drivers:

Wow I looked for probably 3-5 hours trying to get my remote to work and now it does. 🙂
I’m using a custom Windows 7 on this computer which doesn’t include Media Center and is rather bare bones which is why I had the problem in the first place…

I have a HP remote that came with my HP computer that originally had XP Media Center Edition on it…

Download the drivers from moover and you should be good to go…

What I did… Instructions:
1. Click Start, Right click Computer and click manage, on the left click Device Manager (or get to the Device Manager your own way)
2. My remote showed up as installed but not working, perhaps yours shows up as unknown device, it makes no difference…Right click what your remote shows up as and click Update Driver Software
3. Click Browse my computer
4. Next to where it says Search for driver software in this location click Browse
5. Select the IR08 folder that you should have downloaded and extracted
6. Click Next and if any security warnings pop up choose to install the driver anyways

That is what worked for me running Windows 7 32bit with an HP remote.