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Thought I’d bump this, rather than start a new thread.

Had the same issue as above, but only first time starting pc, it would do the loading bar, but then screen would stay blank, restart, all fine.

After a random crash last night, I updated the drivers (nvidia 175.16). Now everytime, after loading bar, screen actually turns off (no signal).

If i start in safe mode , its fine. If i start in low res mode, still nothing. If i remove the nvidia driver, and use standard graphics driver (which on an AU$400 card hurts), windows is ok.

Have tried the driver that came with it (asus 174.40), but I’m not 100% sure with this windows it actually went back a version, it may have been using 175.16 (latest nvidia). Going to try latest Asus driver (174.74).

edit: Wiped a heap of nvidia files to force 174.74 to actually install. Still starts up crap, but the cable swap trick above worked.

Plugged in both analog and DVI (chimei/acer/benq 22 has both), now its on analog and seems ok.

Could be this screen’s DVI doesn’t pick up the signal properly, seems strange though.