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@Psychor wrote:

I have a Logitech G9 and have been trying to get the Setpoint drivers (v3.3 to 5.0) to work on Server 2008 Ent. (x64). Absolutely nothing will work – I’ve tried it all (old drivers, custom drivers, drivers installed to Vista and copied over to Server, etc.). I’m hoping someone here figures sometime out but in the meantime I plan to keep experimenting. 😀 All I want is to be able to map my keys!!! 😐

if u didnt use vlite u shouldnt be a problem

here a way to fix it

i had a bad bug with logitech and my vlited server 64bit

"sidebyside" error

i copied all the original WinSxS back [ sad.gif ]
all the options are working fine now
but i need to change the usb rate

so someone knows about USB rate changer for server 2008 64bit ?

btw something with ms visual C++ 2005 redistub...

now success to installed