Re: Re: Lite-On SOSW-833S


I have not gotten to testing my burner yet. I did get the latest firmware on my LiteOn drive. I will try and test it soon so that I can help you with this issue.

This brings me back to some problems I have had with SATA CD/DVD burners on both Intel and Secondary Controller (Marvel, JMicron, and so on). If I placed my SATA CD/DVD burner on the Secondary Controller Windows XP and Vista would both see it as a ATAPI drive and not a normal CD/DVD drive. That caused it do never burn a thing. It considered it to be just a CD/DVD player and that was all. When I placed it at the end of the line on my Intel ICH7R or ICH8R controller it would not even see it in the BIOS. It was not even considered to be there, period. I am beginning to wonder if the drive comapnies are falling behind on technology, since i have had this issue on two different mainboards. Since I do not own a board other then Intel, I could not test it withother primary controllers. When I contacted LiteOn they said it was the controller and when i contacked MSI and Intel they told me it was the drive or firmware. Finger pointing always finds its way to to the front.

Sooner or later I will figure it out.