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Been Playing around with PowerISO today but unfortunatly it wont burn the DRM Protected WMA’s to Audio CD even though i have the DRM Rights 🙁 I believe to do this i can only use WMP.

To tell you the truth, I have never tried the audio parts of PowerISO in regards to WMA’s. I hate the whole DRM stuff (this is a public place or i would have not been so nice) and almost always change my music over to MP3 format. I realize I may be that guy that sites in jail for Audio Right’s infrengment, but I do not care. I paid good money for a very bad album and only intend on one or two songs to ever cross my ears. That is the reason I cut them to MP3 and then blend them with other’s music.

I will try and figure out why that fails to work though.

I totally agree with you these WMA’s im trying to burn were free with a collectors edition game (via entering a code at … I only wanted to burn them to audio cd so I could rip em again to remove any DRM lol…