List of Applications (x86)

Applications you can't get to work (properly) in Windows Server 2008.

List of Applications (x86)

Postby Triel » 09 Apr 2008, 04:05

Please be sure to check all documents for updates! I may forget to update the Word and PDF documents.

Special thanks go to:
Apocaliptica - for the format of colors, alphanumeric order, and posting of X64 applications.
SeaChange - for the first member to post multiple application in one posting, with detailed reasons why things went wrong or how to get them to operate properly.
linuxgeekintraining - for the first member to post what security applications will not work due to various reasons and for listing those reasons.

Updated: July 16th, 2008
Download Word Document - List of Applications
Download Adobe PDF - List of Applications

GREEN - means working fine
YELLOW - means working, but unstable or only with tricks
RED - means not working

All programs tested at Windows Server 2008 Enterprise x86

3DMark06 – No Known Issues!
7Zip - No Known Issues!

Adobe – All programs seem to be installing without issue. If you find on that does not please let me know.
Advanced File organizer v3.01 - No Known Issues!
Anydvd V6.4 - No Known Issues!
Auto GordianKnot - No Known Issues!
ArtMoney - No Known Issues!
AverTV Hibryd PCI A16A v6.0.11 - Does not work!
AviDemux - No Known Issues!
Ave's Thumbnail Sizer ( - No Known Issues!

BlackBerry Desktop Software - No Known Issues!
Bitdefender 2008 - antivirus 32bit installs if you remove the os dependency from the msi using orca just like the fix for unreal tournament 3 but you have to download the full installer and not the web installer to obtain the msi and works after reebooting but when in vmware workstation on an xp host required me to set the scan contextual level to low in settings but im sure this is just due to being run in a virtual machine with only 768MB of ram given to it.

CCleaner - No Known Issues!
CloneCD - No Known Issues!
CloneDVD2 - No Known Issues!
CloneDVDmobile - No Known Issues!
CloneSpy v2.32 ( - No Known Issues!
Coretemp - No Known Issues!
Cfosspeed Trafficshaping - No Known Issues!
CPU-Z - No Known Issues!
CuteFTP Professional v8.1 - No Known Issues!

Daemon Tools 4.12.2 - No Known Issues!
DBPowerAMP Musik Convertor - No Known Issues!

Easy CD-DA Extractor 11 - No Known Issues!
ESET Smart Security - No Known Issues!
EVEREST Ultimate Edition v4.20 - No Known Issues!
Exact Audio Copy V0.99pb4 ( - Works, but if you install a SATA CDROM, it needs to be configured with IDE emulation for EAC to be able to use it.

Flash Optimizer - No Known Issues!
Filezilla v3.0.10 ( - No Known Issues!

Google Desktop - No Known Issues!
Google Earth - No Known Issues!
Google Talk - Gives error during install, but will work properly.


IE Spell – No Known Issues!

Java(TM) 6 Update 5 - No Known Issues!

K-Lite Codec Pack 3.8.0 Full – Errors Occurred, but installation will continue. Error - The preferred source filter for”.dvr-ms”; is set to {long # of digits}. That value is invalid. Remove this item from the windows registry? (Yes=recommended).
KWorld Multimedia – Installs and works, but issues have come up about channel scanning

Logitech Harmony Remote - No Known Issues! Version 7.4.3 has been tested.
Logitech Setpoint - Must use version 3.1 (via Windows 2000 in menu). Newest version install and work, but most options are not present.

Magic ISO Maker - No Known Issues!
Microsoft Office 2003 or 2007 - No Known Issues!
Mozilla Firefox ( - No Known Issues!
Mixmeister BPM Analyzer ( - No Known Issues!

Nero Ultra Products – Nero 7 will cause an error during DX9c installation and installation will continue, but some of the programs and features will fail to work correctly. Nero 8 will install, but errors will occur. Nero 8 Error - Unable to register C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nero\Lib\NeTsMan.exe. Error code: 4
Nokia PC Suite v6.85.14.1 - No Known Issues!

Orbit Downloader - No Known Issues!

PDFCreator 0.9.5 - No Known Issues!
PerfectDisk 2008 Server - No Known Issues!
PHP 5.2.5 - No Known Issues!
PHPMaker v5.0.2.1 - Crashes at install see post PHPMaker.
PowerISO – No Known Issues!

QuickTime - No Known Issues!

Raxco PerfectDisk 2008 Server – No Known Issues!
Real Alternative - No Known Issues!
Realvnc - No Known Issues!
Reason 4.0.1 - No Known Issues!
Recover My Files - No Known Issues!

Skype 3 – newest versions crash or have extreme instability. V3.1.0152 works thus far.
SSH Tunnel Client v3.0.2.64 - No Known Issues!

Truecrypt 5.1a - No Known Issues!
TuneUp Utilities 2008 - Some features work and other do not. Gives error during install.

Ulead VideoStudio 11 - No Known Issues!
UltraISO - No Known Issues!
Unlocker 1.8.6 - No Known Issues!
uTorrent – No Known Issues!
USB Drive Letter Manager ( – No Known Issues!

Vidalia 0.0.16 / Tor - No Known Issues!
Vista Codec Pack v4.6.1 - No Known Issues!
VMware Workstation 6.0.2 - No Known Issues!

WinAmp 5.52 - No Known Issues!
Window Washer - No Known Issues!
Windows Live Messenger 9.0 Beta - No Known Issues!
Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 (Download) - No Known Issues!
WinRAR archiver 3.71 - No Known Issues!


Yahoo Messenger v9.0.0.922 - No Known Issues!

ZendStudioForEclipse v6 - No Known Issues!

***On a side note after enabling Superfetch I had problems with diskcheck functioning correctly + slower performance, but maybe its just my pc.

***Also I had problems with copying file/s from one partition to another where the file/s would be finished copying with 0 seconds to go but the file copy screen would hang for a couple more seconds.

***I haven't had any speed/connection problems concerning with torrents although i have been getting the infamous "event id 4226". Well not 4226 but event id 4227. I tried using the latest tcpip patch but I continue to get the error... shrugs*

On a endnote; I basically had this same system setup as I did with Vista SP1 and these are some things I've noticed.

a) Boot up is almost identical maybe 5 - 10 seconds longer (max) on Server 08

b) Shutdown time is amazingly quick on Server 08 (under 10 seconds)

c) Although Vista SP1 is snappy I feel Server 08 is a little snappier.

d) No crashes yet though I never had any crashes with Vista (except when installing ZoneAlarm)...

e) All my drivers worked and are functioning correctly. I simply installed Vista Ultimate 32bit edition drivers for any that did not supply one specifically Server 08.

f) The number of UAC popups have significantly decreased. It wasn't until I got the installation errors that I noticed it was on. But even after disabling & reinstalling I still received those errors above. (The Nero 8 one anyway)
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Re: List of Applications (x86)

Postby brendan » 28 Jun 2008, 08:56

another 'just works' applications

NAME: CloneSpy v2.32
COST: Freeware
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Re: List of Applications (x86)

Postby narthollis » 19 Jul 2008, 09:30

Name: Pidgin (was gaim)
Cost: Open Source
Status: Works Fine

Name: X-Chat (silverx build)
Cost: Open Source
Status: Works, but complains about a missiling dll every load - havnt looked into fixing (just an anoyance)

Name: Putty
Cost: Open Source
Status: Works Fine

Name: EveMon
Cost: Free (i think Open Source)
Status: Works Fine
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Re: List of Applications (x86)

Postby reynier » 02 Aug 2008, 11:30

More applications tested by me:

HDD Regenerator 1.51 No Know Issues!
IE Tester 0.2.1 Works fine but when you turn off crash
iTunes 7.7.1 No Know Issues!
Microangelo toolsset 6 No Know Issues!
MySQL GUI 5 No Know Issues!
nLite 1.4.8 No Know Issues!
Opera 9.5 beta No Know Issues!
Open VPN GUI 1.0.3 No Know Issues!
SuperAntiSpyware 4.15.1000 No Know Issues! Great!!!!
Skype 3.8.0139 No Know Issues!
Unlocker 1.8.7 No Know Issues! Great!!!!
vLite 1.2 beta No Know Issues!
DNIe 2.5.3 No Know Issues! It´s for spanish people
WAMP Server 2.0 No Know Issues!
VeohTV beta No Know Issues!
VMware Workstation No Know Issues!
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Re: List of Applications (x86)

Postby Rinie » 20 Aug 2008, 18:04

I can also confirm Mobile Net Switch v3.71 works on Windows Server 2008 x86. Please see:
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Re: List of Applications (x86)

Postby IceDevil » 24 Aug 2008, 19:20

Name: SFT Loader 2008 RC2
Cost: Open Source
Status: Works NOT
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Re: List of Applications (x86)

Postby hannubys » 01 Sep 2008, 03:14

I installed the latest opera but nothing happen when i launch it.
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Re: List of Applications (x86)

Postby hannubys » 01 Sep 2008, 03:20

Other Applications working fine (Always latest version tested)
Counterpath Bria
Wise Registry Cleaner
Quicksys RegDefrag
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Re: List of Applications (x86)

Postby future-kid » 15 Sep 2008, 13:40

Other Applications that works geart.

Open Source Applications

VLC Media player 0.86i

Eraser 5.86.1 Secure data removal tool for Windows.

K-meleon 1.50 web broswer


Startup Manager 2.41

MyFireFox screensaver v1.1

Sumatra 0.91 PDF Viewer ... nload.html

Open Office 2.41

Freeware Applications

WinPatrol v15.5 2008

Sun java 6 update 7 offline installer

SUPERAntiSpyware 4.21.1046

Revo Uninstaller 1.71 ... nload.html

Revo Uninstaller is also available in a Portable version available in ZIP file

Payware Applications

Anonymizer Total net shield " tunneling Secure Shell" (SSH)

Anonymizer Anti-Spyware (Customer that have a license can`t get it renue when it expira)

Anonymizer Digital Shredder Lite (Customer that have a license can`t get it renue when it expira)

Anonymizer Nyms

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.28

Spy Sweeper 5.8 Build 55

mIRC 6.34 Internet Relay Chat client

SUPERAntiSpyware Ptofessonal 4.21.1046

Internet Download Manager v5.14 Build 4

Radio365 2.0 Vip player require a subscription to befor you can download it.
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Re: List of Applications (x86)

Postby RemixedCat » 07 Oct 2008, 21:33

Imageonic Noiseware Pro does not work, it installs but adobe photoshop cs2 crashes when trying to load plugins. Alternative:Unknown.
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