Benvenuti dall'Italia (Welcome from Italy)

Introduction about yourself and your expertises.

Benvenuti dall'Italia (Welcome from Italy)

Postby ElecmanExagon » 23 Sep 2014, 18:25

My name is Marco,and yes i'm italian.
I use Server 2008 R1 (Vista Server,Longhorn Server pick your name),and i like it!.
So Welcome from me :)

(PS. use google to get why the "Elecman" part of my Username)
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Re: Benvenuti dall'Italia (Welcome from Italy)

Postby hoak » 17 May 2018, 07:35

Ciao ElecmanExagon! Forums here have been very quiet for some time, but still a lot of good information here, and the Windows Server OS remains one of the best Workstation and Gaming OS for PC.

If you have issue question or need anything and don't get answers here, you might try these forums as well:

My Digital Life
The Oven
WinCert Forums

Especially My Digital Life have active discussion on Server OS as a workstation.


Note: post edited by hackerman1.
I fixed the links. ;)
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