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    I have been playing with server 2008 for some time and the same as the rest over here, the drivers work ok but CCC doesnt. Lots of ACEblabla errors, ccc shows a popup at the beginning saying there is no compatible hardware, ccc eating cpu time and the memory use simply growing and growing. Someone mentioned the .NET 3 thing and I decided to give it a try. At the end of the day, I ended up removing completely everything from ATI and .NET 3 . Then I rebooted the machine, nice 800*600….. and then I went with regedit to see if there were ATI entries in the registry. Found some under HKLM and HKCU. I Removed them ALL, not only the 64 bit ones but the WOW64 ones too. Then I reinstalled the 9.1 drivers+ccc and it is finally working. I hope it can help. Btw, I have 2008 enterprise installed. 64bit of course. I still have to see if reinstalling .NET 3 screws the thing up, atm I don’t need It.

    I hope anyone has succes with it too.

    Update, I reinstalled .NET 3 and ccc still works, lets hope that the next driver update sill works.

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