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    dear Halladayrules !

    I found the problem it was in the security tab.
    Under Group or usernames I had to add “Everyone”
    Then I could access the shared folders in the Windows 2008 Machine.

    I want to thank you very much for the amazing kind effort you have put in this problem th solve it.

    I wish you a very nice day dear Halladayrules.

    PS Now I can move on to a next problem and If i cant solve I will post it on the very nice forum.
    Thanks again!!!!!!!!

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    Dear Halladayrukes!

    I was to fast to tell that it works.

    Now I can open the Windows 7 pc and see the shared folders but when I try to look in that folder I get the following message in Windows server 2008:
    Windows can not access \4500-PCD op samsung

    I can access only the folder 4500-PC – users – Public.

    What am I doing wrong here?

    Thanks a lot in advance !

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    Dear Halladayrukes!
    Thanks again for your wonderful help. I appriciate this so much!

    Your solution to turn on networkdiscovery and turn off password protected sharing works fantastic (when I turnoff password protected sharing).

    But if I leave password protected sharing on. Then the server asks for a username and password.
    What do I have to fill out here?
    On my windows PC I don’t use a password to login.

    Is this for example name of pc and network password? I tried but that is not working.
    Where can I find the username and password to login from my server 2008 to the windows machines?

    Thanks a lot for your precious help dear Halladayrukes!

    PS later I need to install a remote desktop but I will first try to find it out myself and if I can’t I will have to ask it again 😉

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    Dear Halladayrukes!
    Thanks a lot for your responce and your fantastic help which is really greatly appriciated!
    I will first answer your questions.

    First question: It say :workgroup: homegroup

    Second question: I am running windows standard server with servicepack 2.

    It is strange because I can see the other PC’s “network” from Windows server 2008. More when I press on it it asks for username and password.

    I would like to access the windows server2008 from the windows 7 PC’s
    Is there another solution?

    Thanks so much in advance!

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