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    I did the dmusic.inf mod today and now the game plays fine….Great tip!

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    I had only done the first one (games.dll)…..I will give the other two a shot and see if that takes care of things for me.

    in reply to: W2k8 x64 on HP nx 7400, Bluetooth works but slow nic #47402

    This will not help your download speeds but you can really tweak Win2K8 lan speeds by adjusting the packet size…..

    1) Open Control PanelNetwork and Sharing Center
    2) Click Manage Network Connections….you will see you NIC card – Right click on it and select properties
    3) Click on the Configure Tab and then on the Advanced Tab.
    4) Select Flow Control and make sure it is Enabled
    5) Select Speed and Duplex and choice Auto Negotiation
    6) Select Jumbo Frame and pick a Value…this is the real speed boost setting but you will need to have Vista Machines or Windows Server 2008 machines to take advantage of it.

    As a benchmark running through a Cisco 1 GB Switch running Fiber I am hitting 90% network through put after these changes and only 25-30% before or when connecting to any older machines on my network.

    in reply to: Windows 2008 Server OEM – Dell #47471

    I have a Dell PowerEdge 2950 Server. As delivered from Dell it has configuration script that runs when you power it up. Lets you set some basic system options for the remote management etc and then prompts you for the OS CD. If I recall correctly the menu had options for Windows Server 2003 (several versions) Red Hat Server and Windows 2008. I am running Windows 2008 Standard 64 Bit version…works great except the Broadcom network cards are lame. I have 2 nics and it took me several hours of searching to find the software to team the cards….lame Dell and lame Broadcom. I did have to activate my copy of Windows Server 2008 on this machine.

    in reply to: nvidia problems #47484

    I am running an 8800 GTS and I just used the Vista 64 drivers….works great. I would recommend that you identify your video card and then download the Vista version of the driver for it…most seem to work. Just be sure to match the version of the driver to your OS (32 vs 64 bit).

    in reply to: Age of Empires II and the Conquerors expansions work #46898

    I have this game running on my Win2K8 64 bit and it works fine. I did not do anything other than a full install and then add a no CD patch I got from Game Copy World.

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    Yes dual xeons……

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    The Mac Pro is the best computer I have ever had (fit , finish and quiet operation etc) but I don’t use it very often on the Mac size as I need Windows apps for work.

    in reply to: Anyone Get Windows Mobile Synchronisation Working? #46603

    Out of the box it does not connect to my Toshiba Pocket PC but after I downloaded the Windows Mobile 6.1 desktop sync update it works great. I found this link on this site that pointed me in the right direction….

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)