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    F-Prot is pretty solid and likes my server OS. It’s effective at finding any “problems” unlike (Symantec’s) SAV which is pretty useless.

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    You should add “Enable Hardware Acceleration” for the Video adapter. It’s OFF by default.

    in reply to: ATI Catalyst Control Center cannot start #46957

    CCC uses hardware acceleration which is OFF by default in Windows Server 200x. I have not tried it with Windows Server 2000 but the same also occurs with Windows Server 2003 as well. It’s simple to fix. Microsoft turns OFF all video acceleration by default. Just go to Settings–>Control Panel–>Display and the Settings tab and then on the Advanced button and then use the Troubleshoot tab to get to the hardware acceleration controls. It will be set VERY low. Move it over to the right to enable your cards advanced features. CCC will reset itself after a few seconds or you can just restart it. You should now be OK, I use version 9.3 of CCC since it works on ALL their Radeon cards (even my crummy old X600XT or my newer HD 4870) except the HD 5xxx series and works on all post NT(4 – 7) OS versions unlike newer versions.
    Thus, I’d also use 9.3 and not older or newer version.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)