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    It seems to work okay the very first time you install it after you a fresh install of Windows (it did for me twice). Then, I uninstalled it, tried installing a new version, got the bug, uninstalled the new, tried to put the previous back, and got the bug.

    Unfortunately, since I mostly use this box for gaming, I’ve decided to go back to Vista 64, since I have to O/C my video card. You can use the *driver* okay, just not CCC. In fact my 3dmark vantage score went up 200 points under Vista! Perhaps because I had forground programs getting more priority and not background services.

    I really enjoyed using Server 2008 as a workstation, but Vista 64 really isn’t that bad. I also had problems with gaming when Hyper-V was installed even when the services weren’t running.

    My conclusion is that unfortunately Server 2008 does NOT make a great gaming O/S, even though all my games ran very very smoothly under it! It’s still better to stick with Vista for gaming.

    On 32-bit O/S with 2GB of memory, it’s Server 2008 all the way! This stinking 4ghz 4GB monster I got FINALLY has enough horsepower not to run Vista like crap 🙂

    See y’all around! “I’ll be back.”

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    I just hit this issue with the 8.8 driver that just came out. The wierd thing is — the 8.7 install went FINE for me on my clean box. I tried to install the 8.8 on top of at — boom, CCC cannot start. Now the same thing happens when I install the 8.7! I am sure there is some registry cleaner that will make things work smoothly again.

    Anyway, as long as I can O/C it and set the fan speed without CCC, quite frankly I’d rather not have the CCC running.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)